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Terlano – from mountains to palm trees

Terlano lies in South Tyrol, a melting pot in which the contrasts blend to form a harmonious whole. Here, in Italy’s northernmost province, Alpine peaks go hand in hand with Mediterranean scenery, the German with the Italian language, centuries-old local traditions with an open eye for the modern world.

Terlano is a wine-growing village located halfway between South Tyrol’s main towns of Merano and Bolzano where the Adige flows through a wide valley in a south-easterly direction. The village and vineyards nestle against the red porphyry rock of Monte Tschöggl on the orographically left side of the valley.


DOC zone

In view of its specific climate and geology, the area around Terlano has qualified for a DOC designation of origin (Denominazione di Origine Controllata). In addition to “Alto Adige” as the geographic designation of origin for South Tyrol, the wines are additionally labeled “Terlano” in recognition of the special character of the terroir. The term “classico” is used for those grape varieties that typically grow in the traditional wine-growing area between Andriano, Nalles and Terlano.

The Terlano sites

With sites located at elevations between 250 and 900 meters above sea-level, choosing the right variety is a challenge. The lower sites are better suited to Lagrein, Cabernet and other heavy reds, while Pinot Noir and the white wines are more at home at the higher and therefore cooler levels. The wines from Cantina Terlano come from the following sites:


Alto Adige Santa Maddalena DOC

  • Altitude: 250 - 900 m a. s. l.
  • Slope: 5 - 70 %
  • Orientation: South - Southwest
  • Provenance: Bolzano

One of the most famous sites in Alto Adige, with a history of wine-growing that goes back over the centuries, occupies the hills and steep slopes of the Santa Maddalena area north of Bolzano. The well ventilated and easily warmed morainic soils based on porphyry and dolomite produce the eponymous Schiava.

Alto Adige Santa Maddalena DOC