Char on white asparagus, pea stock, mint and char roe

Char on white asparagus, pea stock, mint and char roe

(for four servings)

For the char
- 1 char filet (approx. 600 g, cleaned, with bones)
- Fine salt for the marinade (3% of the weight of the char filet)
- Cold-pressed olive oil
- 4 pea sprouts
- 40 g char roe

For the asparagus
- 4 white Terlano asparagus
- Cold-pressed olive oil
- Salt

For the mint jelly
- 1 bunch mint
- 200 g water
- 1 g agar agar
- 1.5 gelatine leaves
- Golden syrup as required

For the pea stock
- Approx. 1 kg peas
- A little ascorbic acid
- Salt, pepper and sugar
- Cold-pressed olive oil



The char
Salt the char filet on both sides and allow to marinate for about three hours. Rinse, dry and remove the bones. Cut the filet into four portions of approx. 120 g each. Place on foil a lightly oiled tray, close the foil and bake at 60°C for 10-15 minutes (depending on the thickness of the filet).

The white asparagus
Peal the asparagus and cut into thin slices.
Add oil and salt.

The mint jelly
Remove the mint leaves from the stalks, blanche in water and then pour everything into the blender. Allow to cool, mix well for a minute, filter, lightly salt and add the golden syrup (to taste).
Boil some of the liquid and dissolve the agar agar in it. Boil up for a few minutes and add to the rest of the liquid.
Spread a max. 5 mm thick layer on a tray lined with baking paper and leave to rest in the refrigerator.
When the jelly is firm, cut it into equal cubes.

The pea stock
Wash the peas and retain the pods.
Blanche first the peas and then the pods in well salted boiling water and chill immediately in ice-cold water.
Carefully peel the peas and warm slightly before serving with salt and cold-pressed olive oil.
Blend the pods to a juice and add a little ascorbic acid to avoid discoloration.
Slightly warm the juice before serving with salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

How to serve
Place the white asparagus salad at the center of the plate, garnish with peas and mint jelly cubes, and pour on the pea juice. Careful bed the char filet, and finally add the char roe and pea sprouts.


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