Wild garlic jelly with asparagus mousse, caramelized eel, morel cream sauce and morel foam

Wild garlic jelly with asparagus mousse, caramelized eel, morel cream sauce and morel foam

(for four servings)

For the terrine
Wild garlic jelly
- 80 g fresh wild garlic leaves
- 150 g water
- 2 g salt
- 3 gelatine leaves
Mousse of white Terlano asparagus
- 300 g white Terlano asparagus purée
- 90 g whipped cream
- 4 gelatine leaves (2.5 g each)
- salt and pepper
Asparagus juice gelatine
- 200 g white Terlano asparagus juice
- 3 gelatine leaves
- salt

Morel cream sauce
- 1 kg fresh morels
- 2 shallots
- A little olive oil
- A little butter
- Sprig of rosemary
- 1 dl white wine
- 30 g veal stock
- salt and pepper

Morel foam
- 250 ml milk
- 60 g corn starch
- 50 g flour
- 5 g sugar
- 10 g egg white
- 2 whole eggs
- 3 egg yolks
- 220 g morel cream sauce
- Olive oil
- Salt and pepper

Caramelized eel
- One small eel filet (cleaned and smoked)
- Approx. 40 g cane sugar


The terrine
Wild garlic jelly
Blanche the wild garlic and cool in cold water with ice.
Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water, squeeze and dissolve in 150 g tepid water. Add the wild garlic and salt, mix and pass through a fine conical strainer.
Spread on a tray (approx. 3 mm thick) and place in the refrigerator.
Asparagus mousse
Warm the asparagus purée and add the softened and squeezed gelatine.
Fold in the not too stiffly beaten cream, adding salt and pepper to taste. Spread on the wild garlic jelly, smoothing the surface of the mousse.
Asparagus juice gelatine
Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water and squeeze.
Gently warm the asparagus juice and add the gelatine. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir well and spread the gelatine on the asparagus mousse to give the terrine its final layer (also approx. 3 mm). Leave in the refrigerator overnight. Then cut the terrine into four equal slices.

Morel cream sauce
Finely slice the shallots and sauté in the pan with oil, butter and a sprig of rosemary. Add the morels and then the white wine. Take the best looking four morels out of the pan and reserve as garnish.
Pour in the veal stock, boil up and mix to produce a fine creamy sauce. Add salt and pepper.

Morel foam
Take 220 g of the morel cream sauce and mix in the blender with all the other ingredients at maximum speed for one minute. Pass through a fine conical strainer and add salt and pepper to taste.
Pour the mix into a soda siphon and charge with three carbon dioxide cartridges.
Make three small holes in the base of a heat-resistant plastic beaker.
Fill the beaker three quarters full with the morel foam and microwave at maximum power for 30 seconds. Invert the beaker and leave to cool. Then break up the foam by hand.

Caramelized eel
Cut the eel filet into twelve equal slices (three per serving).
Before serving, sprinkle the cane sugar on the eel and caramelize using a small blow torch.

How to serve
Place a slice of the asparagus terrine in the middle of the plate and add the three caramelized eel slices and two halves of morel.
Spread the morel sauce around the terrine and garnish with pieces of morel foam.


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