Friday 23 September 2016

Spirito diVino- "Terlaner I Grande Cuvée sfida l’élite francese"

Spirito diVino has recently published an article on the presentation of our “Terlaner I Grande Cuvée 2013”, describing it as a “challenge in the name of excellence and longevity”: a wine, which is not afraid to face the comparison to famous Burgundy whites...

Monday 09 May 2016 "Life-Changing Whites"

A very interesting article published by "", a renomated US wine portal, shows our popularity. The article tells our story and describes our wines like some of the most prized and most historic white wines in Italy...

Thursday 07 April 2016"Terlan/South Tyrol: the positive effects of a sparkling wine ban"

Yoopress, The daily news from the wineworld, dedicated an article to “Cantina Terlano” and to our history, which began with Sebastian Stocker, our former master cellarer, who during the 1960ies had the idea to produce sparkling wine according to the Charmat method…

Friday 11 March 2016

Fine Tobacco - "Terlans Weissweine"

"Fine Tobacco” dedicates an extremely interesting three-pages article to our history and in particular to our white wines. All of them are presented in details, from the Sauvignon Winkl to the Nova Domus 2013. This proves the importance and the prestige of our products all over Europe…

Sunday 01 November 2015

111 vini italiani che devi proprio assaggiare - Cantina Terlano

Our Pinot Bianco Vorberg Riserva has achieved a place also among the 111 Italian wines suggested by Fede & Tinto’s wine guide, the hosts of the Rai Radio2 wine programme Decanter