Friday 08 November 2019

Weekend - La Repubblica: Nella città dei vini di montagna

Enzo Vizzari undertakes a journey in South Tyrol and unveils the most excellent wineries. Among these, Terlano winery is considered the best of the region and producer of "Some of the best white wines in the world", especially the Rarity and the Terlaner I Grande Cuvée which are considered as "Precious and slightly expensive wines, that are totally worth it when seen in the restaurants' menus". 

Friday 01 November 2019

Le Guide dell'Espresso - Cantina Terlano: la base per i grandi vini sono i vecchi vigneti

Terlano Winery meets Andrea Radic: in this article the journalist of "Le Guide dell´Espresso" explains the history of the winery and praises the incredible minerality of its white wines. 

Click here for the interview: 

Tuesday 01 October 2019

Fiordelli praises Cantina Terlano's know how of Pinot Blanc

Aldo Fiordelli looks at the history of Cantina Terlano and reviews the winery’s best Pinot Blancs. He defines the blends of “Nova Domus” and “Terlaner I Grande Cuvée” as consistent and praises the “Vorberg” and “Rarity” pure Pinot Blanc wines, describing them as “thrilling” wines.

Monday 16 September 2019

The top 50 of the best Italian wines: there's the complete list of the BIWA 2019 winners

The ranking of the best 50 Italian wines, chosen by the international BIWA jury (Best Italian Wine Awards), includes Cantina Terlano: the winery reached the 14. position with the Terlaner I Grande Cuvèe. 

Thursday 04 July 2019

Forbes - Italy's 50 Best White Wines

Cantina Terlano’s Vorberg Riserva appears in the list of “Italy's 50 Best White Wines” by Forbes. According to the author Tom Hyland, the Vorberg is “as complex and as dazzling a Pinot Bianco as there is in Alto Adige”.